Through in-school programming, production and distribution of impactful, relevant content and the building of cross-sector partnerships, STEAM the Streets has become a force in the ecosystem to create a more inclusive STEAM career pipeline.

The Opportunity Gap Challenge

An estimated 9.5 Million STEM/STEAM jobs will exist in the United States in 2018.

Currently, less than 20% of college attendees are enrolled in STEM majors.

More than 1.5 Million of those STEM jobs will remain unfilled due to lack of qualified applicants at this rate.

Many suburban districts are addressing this crisis by providing programs, but inner cities are still far behind the curve. Only 25% of U.S. middle/high schools have high quality computer science programs.

Only 5% of employees at top tech companies are Black or Hispanic. If this continues, there will be a vast underrepresentation of talent of color in our nation’s brightest occupations.

Our Successes Through Programs