Our futures look a whole lot brighter when we push for diversity and equity in STEAM career paths. Join our team to help make sure your family, friends, school, and neighbors are aware of STEAM career opportunities.

Are you ready to get to work? Here’s how you can take action:

share your steam journey with the youth

Be a guest speaker. We need more current and former STEAM professionals to share their experiences, and career path stories to inspire and ignite curiosity and make them aware of what is possible. 

Partner with us through your company or organization 

Do you help lead a non-profit organization, association, or company? Corporate, non-profit, and community-based organizations play important roles in our work. We’re looking for national and local partners to join our effort to shift the culture around STEAM.

Help students and teachers learn more about STEAM Career Opportunities 

Elementary, middle, and high schools have an important role to play on the path to preparing our young people for their futures. Students and teachers can get resources including action planning guides, curriculum guidelines, and trainings to help you build and execute a STEAM the Streets program at your school and/or in your community.

Whether it’s spreading awareness to friends and family about STEAM or joining our grassroots team, we need your help. Sign up to volunteer so when you are ready, we can make sure you get our updates on all of our volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

stay up to date

If you’re interested in the next era of STEAM and opportunities coming, but aren’t sure how you want to be involved just yet, sign up for updates.

“I felt a calling to get all the women in our basketball league to get involved with STEAM. The women that participate come from all walks of life. Mothers, daughters, sisters, professionals, entrepreneurs... but all friends. We are representative of this country and I know us sharing STEAM opportunities and paths will close the diversity gap now, and in the future.”
Jennifer Miller-Gonzalez
Las Vegas, NV

How have you helped your community learn more about steam career opportunities?