in Building Bridges to Careers

“I’ve worked in the career development space for 20 plus years, and I’ve never seen content as engaging as what STEAM the Streets produces.”

– Jennifer McGuire

College and Career Information Coordinator, New Bedford Public Schools

DEI Career Modules

Through our unique mix of content and outreach, we can help your organization build a diverse and inclusive workforce, by spotlighting relatable role models and presenting career exploration in engaging, culturally relevant methods. Our career learning modules are curated within the STEAM the Streets App and include profile videos featuring compelling stories of diverse professionals in the field, and “Bridge Lessons,” deeper dives that showcase the opportunities and examples of that career in action. Modules also include career roadmaps and free first steps to get started.

Video Storytelling

We produce authentic, compelling stories that resonate with audiences and spark community engagement. Through our 25+ years of production experience, we have a unique ability to make any program or opportunity relatable and meet audiences where they’re at.

School Assembly Shows

Career Inspiration at its finest! “This Can Be You” is a multimedia adrenaline shot of vision to help students see themselves in a broad range of STEAM careers. Our show makes relevant connections to reach youth where they’re at, and gets them excited about what’s possible. We energize and uplift your students whether at schools, conferences, summits or summer programs.

Media Outreach Campaigns

Creating an anthem and music video for your movement brings multiple benefits to its growth both internally and externally. Our productions have proven not only high visibility and “shareable” results, but the ability to bring a community together to build an audio-visual masterpiece that becomes the anthem for the collective work. The culmination of that work attracts an increase in volunteers, donors, and overall community engagement. 

Professional Development

Our team offers a unique and intersectional perspective with 40 years+ combined experience in education, youth development, music and video production and community engagement. We utilize this perspective and the A in STEAM to help educators creatively engage their students in growing career options.

Workshops & Presentations

Our creative arts workshops in music production and songwriting provide hands-on, project-based learning environments where students can express themselves and inspire their peers. For career development, we built a lesson that teaches students about in-demand careers and introduces them to the STEAM the Street App in an interactive way. You can DIY with our Educators Kit or have one of our educators come in as a guest presenter and get your students excited about career discovery.

Our Approach

Based on 25 years of experience in reaching youth through media arts and a culturally responsive programmatic approach, we offer engaging programs and services as part of a bigger vision to help close the employment and diversity gaps in STEM and the Arts (STEAM).

Our Goals