Whether in-school or after-school, short sprints or year-long programs, our workshops provide hands-on, project-based learning environments where students can express themselves and inspire their peers.

Music Ambassadors

Performance and songwriting for a purpose! Students research STEAM careers and write songs to engage their peers about designing their future. We coach students to perform at final school-wide assemblies to help shift the culture of confidence and belief through peer to peer messaging.

Video Ambassadors

Students create music videos of songs created in Music Ambassadors,  which are screened at school-wide assemblies and distributed online. We train students to produce videos that impact their peers, including profile videos of diverse STEAM professionals. Video Ambassadors teaches hands-on filmmaking through the lens of career awareness and equity.

Future Engineers

A hands-on environment that fosters student learning in electricity and engineering. Students build their own electrical circuits and powered-devices, from simple LED light circuits to designing wearable electronics. We teach coding (using Scratch), and engineering, using low-cost materials. Through much needed exposure to these rapidly evolving tools, we are able to seed a long-lasting relationship to STEAM.