Green Careers are Exploding and We Made an Anthem with Youth to Raise Youth Awareness and Interest

Green Careers are Exploding and We Made an Anthem with Youth to Raise Youth Awareness and Interest 🌱👷🏾🔊

There’s an explosion of investment in the Green Economy, and that means millions of Green jobs. But many people, especially our youth, aren’t aware of these opportunities. There are so many options to pursue within Green Careers – high tech, hands on, in the field, in the office, in the community. Many of these fields don’t require a bachelor’s degree. This video is designed to educate and inspire people about how they can fit into the Green Economy – to make a living while helping the planet that we inhabit.

At the conclusion of the Green Careers Anthem, we provide action steps youth can take to pursue a Green Career:

This video is a resource for any individual or organization to use to inspire folks. Specifically, the video was commissioned to show to middle and high school classrooms throughout Santa Clara County to build awareness and interest in Green Career pre-apprenticeships. 

Who can you share this video with to accelerate awareness and interest in Green Careers?

The Story Behind the Green Careers Anthem:

STEAM the Streets’ Director Ben Gilbarg, in collaboration with Dana Richards, College and Career Pathways Coordinator for the Santa Clara County Office of Education, developed the concept. We then held artist workshops in the community where participants were educated about Green Careers and how to communicate about them with their peers through music.  At the workshops, a total of 12 artists drafted their verses and shared them in an open mic style format. After a refinement process, two artists: Sofia Jaquez and Jose “A.B.” Reyna were selected to be featured in the Anthem. They were contracted, and yes, they did write the lyrics 🙂 

A lot of great people and organizations contributed to the making of this film!

Produced by: Big Picture Anthems in association with STEAM the Streets

Directed by: Ben Gilbarg

Music Produced by DJ Anghelli

Featured Artists: Emmanuela “Nadia” Alves, Sofia Vasquez,  and Jose “A.B.” Reyna

Partners:  San Jose Conservation Corps, YLM – Youth Leadership Movement, 408 Ryders, and Earn and Learn.

The video was filmed at Hill View Park in San Jose, CA at the 408 Ryders Car Show, Skyline Studios in Oakland, CA, Boston Common, Boston, MA. 

See the full array of people who made this a success in the credits / youtube description, along with the song lyrics! 🌱👷🏾🔊